Romayo’s 30 Minute Delivery Guarantee

Terms & Conditions

  • ONLY VALID for orders through this offer does not include telephone / / order.
  • ONLY VALID for orders within a distance of 4 km from the store.
  • Delivery guarantee is applicable at the first barrier point (security guard / reception gate / apartment block / etc.).
  • The clock stops as soon as our driver calls the customer to declare arrival.
  • 30 minutes or free is not applicable when restaurant operating conditions are not suitable, or due to adverse weather conditions.
  • Romayo’s reserves the right to withdraw the service guarantee without prior notice.
  • This offer will only begin at 7 pm on – deliveries before 7 pm are not included.
  • 30 minutes begins based on the time stamp located on the physical receipt that prints in the Romayos location. You can find this time on your email confirmation, it will be the time you received this email in your inbox.
  • There is a max spend of €25 (includes delivery fee) per order on this offer. Any order above €25 does not qualify for the 30 minutes or free.
  • When a discount code is applied to the order; the total price pre discount must be less than €25 (as above) to qualify.
  • When changes are made to an accepted order the 30 minute clock will start over from 0:00.
  • Pre set distance restrictions apply on for this offer.
  • Romayo’s does not penalize its drivers for late delivery.
  • Manager’s discretion is final, this offer can be withdrawn at any time without notice.